Subject Tracing/Missing persons
We provide tracing services on both individuals and companies. In some cases this will be necessary for the investigation to progress, especially if there are minimal contact details or no known whereabouts. We are also able to use tracing to assist with missing person cases. 

Foot Surveillance
At times, it is necessary to use foot surveillance in order to track the movements or activities of a subject. This type of field work is commonly used in most areas of PI work.

Electronic Surveillance
We are able to monitor a subject’s electronic activity for you in a way that is discrete and does not trace back to you. This can be used in most areas of investigation including matrimonial and fraud.

Matrimonial Matters & Infidelity
If you suspect there is an element of adultery or infidelity in your relationship, we can carry out surveillance on your behalf. Evidence will be presented back to you in report form along with any photos, videos, recordings or transcripts.

Do you have concerns over a staff member, employer, friend or family member which includes fraudulent activity? If so, we will use our expert skills to carry out a full investigation. Reports can then be passed onto the police or law enforcement agencies to assist them with their enquiries. 

Cold cases
If you have been involved in an investigation in the past (either directly or indirectly), but the case has been closed by the police or CPS, we are able to make additional enquiries as part of our investigation in the hope we can find positive leads. We always commit ourselves fully to all cases, however it must be understood that some cold cases cannot be solved or re-opened for multiple reasons. 

Fully reported findings
We will always be honest with you from the start with regards to our findings and likelihood of success. You will always be kept fully informed on the progress of any investigation and/or leads. 

Our findings and evidence will be presented to you in fully comprehensive reports once the investigation has completed.

At times, despite our best efforts, we cannot always guarantee the results or findings you desire. Please be rest assured that we will support you throughout the process and signpost you to other agencies or services if necessary.